Exquisite small fresh ear tattoos, Art on the ear.

The little secret of the ear, tattoo tattoo on the ear, very delicate literary feel, the girls who prefer the tattoo may wish to choose such a tattoo, delicate and cute, the whole shape will become very different, a little more than their own Inner color expression, a little more avant-garde trend feel.


Many girls are not keen on tattoos, but they want to keep their memories, leave the mark they want to leave, and choose English that has meaning in the ear prints. Such ear tattoos are also exquisite and beautiful.

Tattoos are not all non-mainstream, very special, and very suitable for girls with small fresh feelings, this small chrysanthemum ear tattoo is very good, refined and fresh.

Many of the girls like to pattern on the ears, and the ear tattoos are recommended to be simple and exquisite, so as to show the beauty of the tattoo. Too big tattoos cover the ears, and it looks ugly and non-mainstream.


Tattoos Many girls love English letters. In fact, you can’t use English letters. Pay attention to the meaning and meaning of this. Otherwise, people will laugh at the big teeth.

Small fresh flowers or leaves with tattoos are very fresh and beautiful. The girls with tattoos on their favorite ears may wish to choose this ear tattoo for reference.

In addition to flowers, there are maple leaf tattoo patterns, it is very beautiful, very autumn, and painted orange on the maple leaf, it is very realistic and charming!


The ear tattoo of the planet pattern is also a very good choice. Looking at the sci-fi futuristic, many fashionistas and supermodels now love this style of tattoo.

The ear tattoo should be chosen in the position of the earlobe. It is very beautiful and charming. With earrings, it looks very fashionable.


The ear tattoo can also be very fresh and delicate, and the purple color looks very romantic. This kind of ear tattoo is very literary young woman.

The lotus flower ear tattoo pattern, look very small and delicate, with the earrings of the stars, so look very stylish, add points for your style.


Purple small floral ear tattoos, look very comfortable, with green earrings, flowers and green as if there are plants dotted around, very fresh and beautiful.


The black kitten tattoo pattern looks very mysterious and sexy, and it is in the position of the earlobe, so it looks very fashionable and avant-garde.

The above small and fresh ear tattoos, do some caution for the ears, very good .