How to do the most authentic cocoa mousse? How to make the best cocoa mousse cake? let me show you.

The mousse’s materials and practices are very simple, light and sweet, but not too greasy, and have a high popularity in the circle of friends. How does the cocoa mousse do the most authentic?


Cocoa mousse is a cocoa flavored dessert made from cocoa powder, eggs, butter and milk. How to make cocoa mousse cake best?

Chocolate mousse cake, mousse cake first appeared in the gastronomic capital of Paris, France, the original masters in the cream to add stability and improve the structure, taste and flavor of various accessories, so that the appearance, color, structure, taste changes Rich, more natural and pure, after eating it, it tastes endless and becomes the best in the cake.


Practice one :


2 egg yolks, 15-25 grams of fine sugar, 60 grams of milk, 10 grams of gelatin powder, 30 grams of cocoa powder, 160 grams of cream, a little sponge cake, 2 tablespoons of water.

1. fresh cream plus 10 grams of cocoa to hit 60%.

2. egg yolk and fine sugar separated by water heating (water temperature to maintain 40 degrees warm, not too hot, otherwise the egg yolk will be cooked by the soup) sent to thick, white color.

3. The milk is heated to about 70 degrees.

4. into the egg yolk paste.


5. gelatin powder and water insulation water (about 50 degrees, that is, warm state), stir evenly.

6. Add the concentrated gelatin water to the egg yolk paste and add 20 grams of cocoa powder to mix well.

7. After cooling, mix with fresh cream and stir with a spatula. It is best not to use a blender. Otherwise, the cream will be hardened (note that the egg paste can’t have hot temperature, otherwise the cream will melt away).

8. into the Musi Cup, put a piece of cake on the bottom and then inject the paste, then put a cake into the cake, put the cake paste, to the Mousse Cup 8 points full.

Practice two :



2 eggs, 48 ​​grams of fine sugar, 1 gram of salt, a few drops of vinegar, powder, 48 grams, 24 grams of butter (vegetable oil), 180 grams of milk, 13 grams of cocoa powder, gelatin (5 grams / tablet) 2 tablets 200 grams of light cream, 20 grams of powdered sugar or fine sugar.

1. The butter is separated by water or dissolved in a microwave oven for use.

2. sugar salt white vinegar added to the egg to the pattern will not disappear quickly, the whole egg is not easy to send, can be placed in warm water and water.

3. the low powder sifted, divided into 3-4 times into the egg paste, pay attention to mix from the bottom up, mix the egg paste and then add butter, mix well, you can.

4. the cake mold around the oil, the beginning of the butter can be more soluble, more to wipe the cake mold, pour the egg paste, force a few shocks, shake off the big bubbles, baked in the oven, baked and cooled Demoulding, cut into two pieces for use.


5. now to do mousse sauce, with 100 grams of milk soaked in the gelatin.

6. 80 grams of milk plus cocoa powder, heat insulation water to completely dissolve the cocoa powder.

7. The milk gelatin liquid is dissolved in water, and then the gelatin solution is poured into the cocoa solution, stirred evenly, and allowed to cool for use.

8. Add the powdered sugar to the whipped cream. There is no sugar powder and fine sugar.

9. whipped cream and sugar to the state of the pattern, just the sugar powder added at home.


10. Mix the whipped cream and the prepared solution in step 7 evenly, and the mousse sauce is finished.

11. Cut off the periphery of the cake piece so that it is smaller than the cake mold, put one piece at the bottom of the cake mold, pour half of the mousse sauce, then put another piece of cake, then pour the remaining mousse sauce.


12. Place it for a while, flatten it, and then refrigerate it in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours to completely solidify it.

Take it out of the refrigerator when you eat it. You can easily release it by blowing a circle around the cake mold. You can sprinkle some cocoa powder on it, or use a little sugar powder as a decoration.