The easiest steak practice can also make a candlelight dinner at home.

Speaking of steaks, many people think of candlelight dinners, and if you want to eat steak, you don’t have to go outside to eat. You can do it yourself. Next, I will introduce you to the simplest steak practice.

[The simplest steak practice]

1. Black pepper steak


Ingredients: steak, black pepper, black pepper sauce, olive oil, salt.



1. Wash the steak, remove the ribs, loosen the steak, remove the blood and remove the salt, black pepper and olive oil and marinate on the steak.

2. After the curing, you can directly open the fire and use a small fire to discharge the beef into the frying. You can turn it in about a minute. After both sides are fried, you can use the black pepper sauce to cook the pot with the water and boil it. After boiling, turn it on the steak and you can finish it~

2. Pan-fried steak


Ingredients: steak, tomato, butter, broccoli, black pepper sauce.

1. Broccoli is washed and cooked, tomatoes are washed and sliced, and the steak is washed clean.

2. Open the pan and let the butter melt and fry the beef. After frying on both sides for a minute or so, you can take it out and put it on the plate. Put the tomatoes and broccoli on it, topped with the heated black pepper sauce. The fried steak is finished.

3. Chinese steak

Ingredients: steak, black pepper sauce, broccoli, red pepper, onion.

1. Broccoli is cooked in small pieces, sliced ​​onions, cut into small pieces of red pepper, and the steak is washed and cleaned to the front and back of the blood.

2. Open the pan and drain the oil. Stir the shallots and add them to the steak for two minutes. Turn over the noodles and fry for two more minutes. You can determine the cookedness according to your preference. After frying, you can pan out, put broccoli and red pepper on the edge of the plate, steak in the middle, topped with heated black pepper sauce.

4. Gaudiger Steak

Ingredients: steak, carrot diced, steak, green beans, butter, black pepper sauce, ketchup, chopped green onion.

1. Wash the steaks to the blood and marinate them with black pepper and salt. Put the pasta in the boiled water and simmer for about 8 minutes on a low heat for 2 minutes.

2. Put the butter into the pot, heat it and melt it, then drain the beef into the frying pan. Both sides are fried for about 2 minutes and the pan is served. The cooked pasta can also be served. Carrots and green beans go to the water, heat the ketchup and black pepper sauce and add the chopped green onion to the steak.

5. Red wine black pepper steak

Ingredients: steak, red wine, black pepper sauce, black pepper, canola, tomatoes.

1. After the steak is cleaned, blot the surface of the water, the steak is smeared with some black pepper and salt and poured into red wine for half an hour.

2. Open the pan and drain the oil and drain the marinated beef into the dish for about 3 minutes. Put the vegetables in the pot with salt and oil and then remove them. Put the green pepper on the plate, pour the black pepper juice on the steak that has already been plated, and pour some red wine and you’re done~

6. Peanut steak

Ingredients: steak, onion ginger, cooking wine, salt, peanuts. Pepper, starch, egg white.

1. Wash the steak and cut it into a thickness of 0.5 cm. Use a knife to hammer it for easy taste. Add wine, onion ginger and salt for 10 minutes. Peanuts are fried in a pan until peeled, without frying.

2. Remove the peanuts and pour them into peanuts and peel them for later use. The marinated steak can be sprinkled with pepper and salt, then wrapped in egg whites and starch, and sprinkled with peanuts on the surface. Open the pan and drain the peanut kernels and fry them until crispy and light yellow.

Is the above steak practice very simple? The foodies are rushing to take action~ Well, the above is the content of the simplest steak practice brought to you by Xiaobian. I hope to bring help to your diet. Thank you for reading.